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Installing insulation in your roof is vitally important. Not only does it help regulate the temperature of your home but it saves you money in the long term by reducing your heating costs. During economic uncertainty, you need to ensure you have effective insulation in your roof and that’s something that Nunhead Roofing will help you with when we install or replace a roof.

Roofing insulation

Pitched Roof

For pitched roofs, we use either TLX Gold Insulation or YBS Breathable Insulation. Both are good options and we choose the right one for the context of the roof we are insulating.


YBS Breathable Instulation is simple to install. It has high thermal performance, meaning it will keep help keep your home warm, and it is also water resistant and vapour permeable making it durable and sustainable. While only 40mm, it is highly effective at maintaining the building's temperature when installed correctly, making it a great choice for your roof.

The other option we use is TLX Gold, which is a breathable, layered multi-foil insulation that responds to changing humidity. It meets the relevant regulatory standards, meaning it won’t allow water and condensation to build up in your roof.

The insulation is thin but highly effective, making it the best choice to install for any pitched roof that we build or replace. If the rafter is 100mm (common in London), we cut 50mm foil-backed insulation board between the rafters, leaving a 50mm air gap and then put the TLX Gold on top of the rafters. To get a quote for your new roof or roof replacement with insulation, please contact us today.

preparing roof insulation

Flat Roof

For flat roofs, we use Thermaroof insulation board by Kingspan for its high performance, excellent temperature efficiency and wide compatibility. Thermaroof insulation is easy to install and is certified as “Very Good” by the relevant industry standard. It also has high ratings for fire safety and environmental sustainability.

When installing Thermaroof, we put the insulation board on top of the decking 120mm thick to provide the best level of insulation for your home. Please contact us today to find out more.



If you are installing insulation for a loft, a cheaper option is to put 300mm loft insulation on the floor of the loft. This will help keep your home below at a comfortable temperature.

Whether you are in need of a new roof, a roof replacement, or a loft conversion, we have the expertise to complete your job to the highest standard of excellence. We will also ensure the insulation is installed professionally to help keep your home protected against extreme temperatures, saving you money on your energy bill. Please contact us today to arrange a quote.

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